YOU ("Noah") are the owner and CEO of a seemingly normal cosmetics company. Unbeknownst to you, however, your Evil VP takes over research at night, creating military chemical weapons for the highest bidder.

Evil VP lures you back to the office one night. You leave your girlfriend in the car out front ("I'll just be a minute..."). Upon reaching your office on the top floor, Evil VP serves you the ultimate "termination notice" over intercom, informing you that you're to be killed by his minions.

You must now escape the building alive! With only your wits and improvised weapons at your disposal, you traverse a circuituous path, floor by by floor, while being chased by minions. Along the way, Evil VP taunts you over the intercom system, all the while "monologuing" you with the full exposition of how and why he's subverted your company for Nefarious Purposes.

He also lets slip that he plans to release a chemical MegaWeapon on the city, making the citizens bend to his will. The only way you can stop this is to disable a console on each floor on the way down, so you must make sure to search every corner of the building for them.

Of course, when you finally reach the first floor lobby, Evil VP is waiting for you... with your girlfriend held captive! Moreover, he's packing an extra punch for the final battle, thanks to his Evil Experiments...

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