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Project Description

This "project" is being used as a collaboration site for members of the BostonXNA user's group.

Gaining Access

Send an e-mail requesting access or post in the Discussions forum and we'll get you added as a developer as soon as possible.

Current Project

Input Handler
our current project is focus on building an Input Handler that we can use to map (Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad and eventually gestures) actions to an input sequence.

Old Projects

These projects are not available via the old_source release or via the 22172 changeset.

Trouble Towers
Our first real attempt at developing a game. This game will be an FPS where our protagnist's main goal is to reach his office on the top floor and head back down to his date.

Boston XNA RPG
This project delves into the realm of the RPG starter kit and aims to improve the base game as well as put together tutorials that can work as starting points for other RPG fans.

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